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Welcome to Australia's LARGEST Aviculture web site.
One of the world's largest and most informative bird web sites.
A wealth of FINCH, SOFTBILL, PARROT and QUAIL information.
Reading references for Doves & Pigeons are listed on the "Doves & Pigeons" web page.

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Aviculture: the proper care, housing and maintenance of aviary bred birds, as well as companion or pet birds.

                                     This site is recognised as suitable for all age groups including children.

BirdCare.com.au currently has a "Care sheet" layout for over 300 !! Aviary and Pet/Companion Bird species as well as Live Foods (including - Crickets, Mealworms, Cockroaches, Locusts).  Includes the Budgie and the Canary.  Budgie = Parrots - Australian,  Canary = Finches - Non Aust.
Any page can be reached in 3 or less clicks !!!

NEWS FLASH!!! ... from The Avicultural Society of Australia
 The next meeting will take place at the Wednesday
19 May 2010 meeting of the
Avicultural Society of Australia at Carlton
, Victoria.  Everyone welcome.
Refer to the ASA web page (left navigation panel) for more details.

Many Bird keepers are also interested in Reptiles, so
Check out the
Victorian Herpetological Society web site:

NOTE: There is no e-mail address listed on this web-site.  The need to send a written letter is our best spam filter and minimizes trivial requests.
pekin robin photo Don't rush your category choice of parrots or finches.  The birds are divided into about 15 groups as listed below.

Finches are grouped under the headings:  Finches - Australian,  Finches - Non Australian,  Softbills,  Weavers & Whydahs.

Parrots are grouped under the headings:  Parrots - Australian,  Parrots -Non AustralianAmazons,  Cockatoos,  Conures,  Lorikeets & Lories,  Lovebirds,  Macaws,  Rosellas.

major mitchell's cockatoo photo

And .... not forgetting .... Quail.
Reading references for Doves & Pigeons are listed on the "Doves & Pigeons" web page.

Any page can be reached in 3 or less clicks!!!
A "Site map" web page is included - Refer to the Navigation list.
This web site will continue to be a work-in-progress with regular material added.
This site contains the equivalent of more than 1500  A4 printed pages of information.
This site now contains about 700,000 words of information.
This site is to be used as an introduction to aviculture. Over 3000 references are listed.
A reference list of all articles from the Australian Aviculture journal listed i.e. 1947 to 2006.

A reference list of articles from the Australian Birdkeeper magazine are listed on each species page.
This web site has been built and maintained by Frank Prowse. (No birds are held on my property).
Take your time and enjoy the world of Australian Aviculture.

Need to find a local Australian Avicultural or bird club ?
Refer to the comprehensive list in the "Talking Birds" Australian monthly newspaper:
Over 200 organisations are listed catering for all types of birds.  Listings for all Australian States.
"Talking Birds"
Monthly Newspaper for aviary, cage and pet birds.  "Australia's Avian Newspaper".
Only $4.95 per issue.  Web address:  TalkingBirds.com.au

"Australian Aviculture" journal index
Australian Aviculture journal has been produced on a monthly basis since January 1947.  This web site has listed, on each species web page, all the references relating to that species of bird.  References of a general nature to that type of bird are listed on the upper level web page e.g. Softbills, Quail, Amazon, Lovebirds, Housing, Feeding, Insects & livefoods etc pages.  Thousands of articles are listed.  If an article has been missed, contact us and we will fix any omissions.

Need to buy birds?   Check out the "Birds for sale" web page.

The Australian Finches and Australian Parrots held legally by private breeders are included on this web site along with the Non-Australian finches and Non-Australian parrots as listed on the Australian Government's "Inventory of Exotic (non-native) Bird Species known to be in Australia, 2002, updated 2003".
This site does not cover emus or ostriches, partridge, peafowl, pheasant or waterfowl.
This site does not support the breeding or keeping of hybrids for breeding purposes and contains no information about their care or breeding.

Wanted : Photos of any birds that currently do not have a photo/s.  Please send us a copy of photo's that are not subject to copyright, to the address as shown above.  Wanted: Your input to add more breeding and husbandry details to this site.

Detailed descriptions of each species, detailed geographic distribution, detailed sexing methods and/or any sub-species will not be described on this web site. There are dozens of world class books that have already described the birds in our aviaries in great detail. Some are listed below, others are listed on the "Book references" web page.

  • For Australian Parrots, one of the world's best book is Joseph M. Forshaw's 600 page book "Australian Parrots" Third Edition.
  • World class Australian parrot references can be found by looking up authors Stan Sindel and James Gill.
  • "Parrots of the world: An identification Guide" Publisher: Princeton University Press. 2005. Author: J. M. Forshaw & Illustrated by Frank Knight. Covers about 350 species. Available from Andrew Isles Natural History Books, Prahran, Victoria.  Cost about $105
  • For Australian finches a prominent Queensland breeder, author and renown speaker, Russell Kingston has written books and magazine articles that describe most finches held in Australian aviaries.
  • An older book is by Klaus Immelmann "Australian Finches" and published by Angus and Robertson (Revised ed. 1971).
  • For Non-Australian parrots - Rosemary Low, a leading world parrot authority, describes most parrots in her many books and writings.  Also refer to J. M. Forshaw's book "Parrots of the World (1989) 3rd edition Lansdowne Press.
  • "Parrots - A guide to the Parrots of the World" Authors Tony Juniper and Mike Parr. Published by Pica press,1998. 584 pages.
  • For Softbills look up writings by Rosemary Hutton.
  • For a description of a wide range of all types of birds read, "Aviculture in Australia - Keeping and breeding aviary birds" by Mark Shephard. 1994. Publisher Reed Books.
  • For a description of a wide range of all types of South-east Asia birds read, "A field guide to the birds of South-east Asia".  Author Craig Robson. Publisher New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd. 2000.

This web site is mostly concerned with the current husbandry of the remaining finch, quail and parrot species in our Australian aviaries.

There are no pop-ups, no redirects, no animated design on this site.  Just excellent information and pictures (where available).
If you have photos that are not subject to existing copyright restrictions, please send us a copy for use on this web site. With your permission, full credit will be acknowledged.
Access to up-to-date information has to be available to everyone if aviculture is to help maintain the gene pools for many birds currently being disadvantaged by environmental factors including loss of suitable habitat. This is our contribution and thoughts for you to peruse and be used in conjunction with the web site disclaimer as stated below.

For more Australian avian monthly news & info updates, check out  "Talking Birds".
The Monthly Newspaper for aviary, cage and pet birds.  Only $4.95 per issue.  Web address:  TalkingBirds.com.au

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