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As per "Feeding birds" web page plus the details below.

Seeds for finches: (Including Australian and Non-Australian finches, Weavers and Whydahs) Basic mix of dry seed generally include Canary seed, White French Millet, Japanese Millet, and Yellow and Red Panicum.  Commercial mixes include seeds such as plain canary, millets, red & yellow Panicum, maw, hulled oats, phalaris, Niger, and rape seed.  Budgie mix, finch mix and canary mix  are the most common pre-mixes available.  New seeds of wild and domesticated grasses suitable for captive birds are becoming available and may be offered in separate bowls to the finches.  Some of the newly available seeds are very expensive and make sure they have not been treated with chemicals e.g. fungicides or pesticides.  Seeds can be offered as a mix in one bowl or offered with each seed type in a separate bowl.  The more expensive or fattening (oil) seeds can be offered in separate bowls to monitor the consumption levels.

Winter Months:  During the cooler winter months, many breeders will add higher energy seeds to the seed mix.  Seeds such as hulled oats, hulled sunflower seeds, rape seed can be offered in separate bowls.

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