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PO  Box 126 Mitcham Vic 3132 ( Victoria, Australia )

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Burwood Pets & Birds
1415 Toorak Rd, Camberwell Vic 3124
Melway map ref  60 G 6
Near Corner Toorak & Warrigal Roads
Contact us on: (03) 9809 1212.
Australian Parrots: (subject to availability) Blue-winged,  Elegant,  Scarlet,  Rock parrot,  Bluebonnet,  Bourke's,  Cockatiel,  Hooded,  Mallee Ringneck parrot,  Mulga,  Princess parrot,  Red rumped,  Superb parrot /Barraband,  Twenty eight parrot. (Others may be available on request)
Also available:  Bird seed and seed mixes,  Livefoods (insects),  Bird cages,  Bird toys,  Bird play Gyms, & Aviary accessories.
Regular & "mini" Mealworms available.

Fish & Feather P/L
243-245 Colchester road Kilsyth 3137
Near Corner Colchester & Canterbury Roads
Melway map ref  52 E 10
Contact us on: (03) 9761 4410
We stock a range of un licensed Australian Parrots such as: Cockatiels, Bourke's, Budgies, Turquoisine, Princes, Red-rumped, Scarlet-chested parrots.
Also available: Bird seed and seed mixes, Livefoods (insects), Bird cages, Bird toys, Bird play Gyms, & Aviary accessories.

Pet Connection (Nunawading Birds & Pets)
101 Springvale Road  Nunawading 3131
200 metres North of Corner Springvale & Whitehorse Road intersection.
Melway map ref  48 F 9
Contact us on: (03) 9874 3394
We stock a range of Australian parrots such as: Bluebonnet,  Bourke's, Cockatiel, Hooded parrot, Mallee Ringneck parrot, Mulga,  Princess parrot, Red rumped, Superb parrot /Barraband, Twenty eight parrot, plus most of the Neophemas.
(Others may be available on request)
Regular & "mini" Mealworms available.

We are just starting out so the first to place their advertisement will get the highest listing on the page.
Place a 4 line "Birds For Sale" Advertisement on the page of your choice for $25 per 2 months, $70 per 6 consecutive months.
Additional lines cost an additional $10 per line. (Maximum of 2 additional lines) is not registered to collect GST and therefore the cost is GST free.
Allocation of Advertisement place/s is based on, first in gets the highest spot, on the web page.
Typical 4 line "Advert" could be as follows:

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Age & Gender:                                Price if applicable:
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Or: without borders

Species (& Sub-species if applicable):  or product
Age & Gender:                                Price if applicable:
Contact details: reserves the right to refuse an advertisement if it deems the advertisement to be inappropriate for this web site.

Examples of pricing:
1 advert for 2 months @ 4 lines = $25             1 advert for 6 months @ 4 lines = $70
1 advert for 2 months @ 5 lines = $35             1 advert for 6 months @ 5 lines = $80
1 advert for 2 months @ 6 lines = $45             1 advert for 6 months @ 6 lines = $90

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