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. termites
Termites are usually harvested from bush areas on Crown land or private properties.  Recent changes in some Australian States makes it illegal to collect or harvest termites from National Parks and Crown land.  Some States or Authorities may issue permits to harvest termites from designated areas.

It is impractical to culture or breed termites.

Suburban authorities may not allow termites to be bred within their boundaries.

Most people who feed termites to their birds obtain permission from rural landholders and take part of the termite nest.  The termites repair the damaged nest and replace the missing workers.  The queen termite should never be taken if you want the nest to rebuild and be available for future harvesting.  Pieces of the nest are broken off the nest and placed in metal or strong plastic containers.  Moisture must be added to the nest pieces to help them survive.

A barrier of grease is placed around the inner top of the container.

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