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Seeds for parrots :( including Australian and Non-Australian parrots, the Conure, Cockatoo, macaw and Rosella )

Commercial seed mixes have a fairly standard mix of seeds and require a balance of fruit and vegetable to give the birds a suitable nutritious food intake to keep them in good condition for the tasks of maintaining their own health as well as breeding and raising their young.  One problem that many breeders come across is birds not eating a balance of seed and other nutrients.  Birds generally accept foods that they have been fed to them by their parents.  Encouraging some birds on to new foods can be a frustrating task and some birds win the battle and refuse to eat any foods other than their favourites.

The domestication of all our aviary birds, including cockatoos, has led to a change in the foods the original captive birds ate.  We give seeds and other foods to our own pairs of birds and the ones that accept those foods will often be the most productive breeders.  The more generations we breed with an aviary mix of foods, the ensuing generations will adapt to those foods.  In the wild cockatoos cover vast areas of country and follow the supply of suitable foods.  The variety of foods and insects the wild birds have access to is impossible to duplicate in the aviary or captive breeding situation.  The time and resources breeders have available is often restricted by the ever increasing demands placed on their lives by pressures other than the needs of the birds.  People living in rural or farmland areas may have access to a wider range of natural foods.  City people often have a wider range of frozen foods, plus fruits and vegetables that have been freighted in from interstate and available all year round. is one of the world's largest and most informative avian or bird web sites.  Copyright 2002 - 2008 inc.  All rights reserved.  Disclaimer:  This web site has been compiled from material provided from a large number of sources.  Personal experience and personal contacts have been used.  Results vary according to factors such as environmental factors, aviary design and the physical and genetic backgrounds of all living birds/animals.  Every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material but no responsibility is accepted by  for the accuracy of the material on this web site. The intent of this web site is to provide a "care sheet"  format and provide general material only.  Readers should rely upon their own enquiries in making any decisions relating to their own interests.