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. aviary furniture
Aviary furniture is the items we add to a bird aviary or cage to improve the physical and mental health of our birds both as breeding bird and for pet or companion birds.
A basic aviary can be a boring and uninteresting place if one was to be confined to it for a prolonged period of time. Birds rarely have the chance to leave their cage or aviary so we should try and offer them some furnishings to help entertain themselves.
In the wild birds have the option to move freely within their preferred habitat range. The freedom of movement gives them the chance to select areas that provide physical, social and mental entertainment.
A wide range of items can be made or purchased from bird dealers or pet supply outlets.

Aviary furniture can include:

  • Variety of perches: One of the most over looked items in an aviary.  In nature, trees and branches come in all shapes and diameters so give the birds in our cages and aviaries the same choice.  Some perches can be horizontal in the roosting/sleeping spot.  Other branches / perches can be placed at other angles to mimic nature.  Varying diameter of perches gives the bird's feet and legs good exercise.  Ensure perches are not placed over water or feed receptacles.  Replace perches as required.  NOTE - Do not put perches in places people are likely to walk into, especially at head or face level !!
  • Landscaping
  • Toys or play gyms - minimize boredom and give variety. A wide range of bird toys and "bird gyms" can be seen at good retail bird dealers shops.  Toys can be placed in an outdoor aviary not just indoor cages. Conures, macaws & lorikeets love to play with toys and it gives them a reason to be active and entertain themselves. It also gives them some mental exercise and mental stimulation. Refer to "Aviary furniture" web page as shown in the left hand border.
  • timber and branches for chewing
  • roosting nests, boxes or logs
  • artificial nest, nest boxes - round verses square for parrots.
  • water systems - automatic, cool or hot summer water, self cleaning.
  • food stations - high, low or floor level or a mix of both.
  • hiding foods - activity games e.g. what zoos do for primates.
  • Access to nests - an elevated piece of solid material can be incorporated into the landscaping to provide a suitable safe step or platform to step on, to safely gain access to a high nest.

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