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This page to be used in conjunction with the "equipment" web page.

The "birdroom" is an area that does not normally house birds.  Can be divided into two types
1.. The clean hygienic area, e.g. food preparation, food storage, small equipment storage
2.. The bulky item storage area that does not need the same level of hygiene.  That does not mean the area is allowed to become dirty or contaminated.

The "clean birdroom" area is usually a room separated from the aviaries, to
1.. Store the bird seed
2.. Prepare foods
3.. Cleaning area for food bowls, utensils, water bowls etc
4.. Food preparation equipment such as fridge, freezer, food warmers, microwave oven, electric kettle for heating or boiling water etc.
5.. Stainless steel benches
6.. Cupboards for storage
7.. First aid items for birds and people
8.. May have a quarantine or sick bird area but this may cause contamination of the whole room and jeopardize the health of all the birds.
8.. Store cleaning products
9.. May need a small air-conditioner/cooler unit for comfortable working conditions in summer

Hints for a bird safe birdroom if birds are held in a birdroom i.e. if they escape...
1.. Cupboards, not open shelves
2.. Cupboards flush against the wall
3.. Lighting fixtures recessed or flush mounted to the ceiling

The bulky goods storage area can store
1.. Logs and nest boxes, carry boxes, transportation/freight boxes
2.. Trolleys, wheelbarrows
3.. Hardware items/tools for repairs e.g. hammers, saws, glues, drills, nails screws clips etc
4.. Spare pieces of timber, wire netting, metal and plastic piping/tubing, spare bulky electrical fittings such as fluorescent tubes etc.
5.. Incubators when not in use
6.. Pest, rodent and vermin control items when not in use.

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