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National Periodicals:

"Australian Aviculture" Monthly journal from the Avicultural Society of Australia.  Web address:

"Talking Birds" Monthly Newspaper for aviary, cage and pet birds.  "Australia's Avian Newspaper"  Only $4.95 per issue.  Web address:

"Just Finches & Softbills"  New Zealand magazine devoted to finches and softbills.  About 44 pages per issue.  6 issues per year.   About $11 per issue.  Web address:

"Australian BirdKeeper"   6 issues per year.   About $10 per issue.  Web Address:

Book References: ( In random order ). 3 categories - Finches - Parrots - General.

Finches: (Plus Quail, pigeons & doves). ( All finches inc. Softbills, Waxbills, Weavers, Whydahs, etc)
"A Guide To Australian Grassfinches, their management, care & breeding".  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  Author Russell Kingston.  Cost is about $30.

"Keeping and breeding Finches and seed eaters". Author Russell Kingston.  Publisher Indruss Productions.  Cost about $77.

"The avicultural writings of Eric Baxter - A guide to keeping and breeding small birds in Australian aviaries". 1985.  Published by The Avicultural Society of South Australia.

"Australian Softbill Management.  Aviary Studies of Wrens, Robins, Chats and Dotterels."  Author Rosemary Hutton.  (1991)  Publisher Singil Press Pty Ltd.  Cost about $40-$45.

"A Guide To Gouldian Finches, their management, care & breeding".  Publisher: Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  Authors  John Sammut & Dr. Rob Marshall.  Cost is about $30.

"A Guide To Pigeons, Doves & Quail their management, care & breeding".  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  Author Danny Brown B.Sc. (Hons).  184 pages.  Cost is about $40. Published 1995.

Parrots:  (All Types inc. Cockatoos, Rosellas, Conures, Macaws, Lovebirds, Lorikeets, Lories etc.)
"Australian Parrots" Author Joseph M. Forshaw. Publisher Alexander Editions. Third (Revised) Edition 2002. Original cost about $150.

"Parrots of the world: An identification Guide"  Publisher:  Princeton University Press.  Author:  J. M. Forshaw & Illustrated by Frank Knight.  Covers about 350 species.  400 pages including 120 colour plates.  Published 2005 or 2006.  Available from Andrew Isles Natural History Books, Prahran, Victoria.  Cost about $105.  Review = A/A Vol 60 No. 5 May 2006 Page 109.

"The New Australian Parakeet Handbook".  Published by Barron's Educational Series.  Author Matthew M. Vriends, PhD.

"A Guide To Rosellas and their mutations. Their management & care"  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.

"A Guide To Popular Conures as pet & aviary birds"  Authors Ray Dorge & Gail Sibley.  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  2001  Cost about $30 - $32.  Pages = 112.

"A Guide To lories & Lorikeets. Their management, care & breeding."  Author Peter Odekerken. Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  First published 1995.  Cost about $37.  96 pages.

"A Guide To Neophema & Psephotus Grass Parrots, their mutations, care & breeding".  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.

"A Guide To Incubation &  Handraising Parrots".  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  Author Phil Digney.

"A Guide To Macaws as pet and aviary birds" 2003. Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications. Author Rick Jordan. Cost about $30.

"A Guide To Australian Long & Broad tailed  Parrots and New Zealand Kakarikis, their management, care & breeding".  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  Author Kevin Wilson.

"Australian Grass Parrakeets (The Psephotus and Northiella Genera)".  Authors Stan Sindel and James Gill.  Publisher Singil Press P/L.  (1996)  Cost is about $45

"Parrots - A guide to the Parrots of the World"  Authors Tony juniper and Mike Parr.  Published by Pica press.  1998.  584 pages.

"A Guide to Black Cockatoos as Pet and Aviary Birds"  Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  Authors Neville & Enid Connors.  Published 2005.  Cost about $50.

"Macaws: A Complete Guide" by Rosemary Low.  1990  144 pages.  published by Merehurst Ltd London.  A/A Vol 46 No. 3 Mar 1992 Page 70 (Book Review).

"Australian Parakeets and their Mutations" by Herman Kremer.  Publisher Herman Kremer, Holland.  Pages 232.  About 1993.  Review A/A Vol 47 No 2 Feb 1993 Page 33.

"Amazon Parrots - Aviculture, trade & conservation"  Author: R. Low.  324 pages.  Cost about $80  (About 2005)

"Birds for Dummies".  Published by Hungry Minds Inc. New York. About  $45.

" EVERYBIRD,  A GUIDE TO BIRD HEALTH" edited by Pat Macwhirter, published by Inkata Press.  Cost is about $40.

" A Guide to BASIC HEALTH & DISEASES in birds" (revised).  Author is Michael J Cannon B.VSc MACVSc (Avian Health) Grad Dip Ed.  Published by Australian Birdkeeper Publications.  Cost is about $31.

"Handbook of Birds, Cages & Aviaries. The Complete Guide to keeping & Housing Pet & Aviary Birds" Publisher Australian Birdkeeper Publications.

"Aviculture In Australia. Keeping and breeding aviary birds". Published by Reed Books. Author Mark Shephard.

"Australian Birds, Simply classified". Publisher Murray David. Authors Donald and Molly Trounson.

"Reader's Digest Complete Book of Australian Birds". Published by Reader's Digest (Australia) Pty Ltd.

"The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Caged and Aviary Birds". Published in the USA by Lorenz Books. Author David Alderton.

" A Guide to Pet & Companion Birds their keeping, training & well being". Author is Ray Dorge and Gail Sibley. Published by Australian Birdkeeper Publications. Cost is about $30.

"The New Atlas of Australian Birds" Published by Birds Australia, 2004. (Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union). Cost is about $80. This is an update of the 1984 edition. The sightings of 716 species is recorded.

"A field guide to the birds of South-east Asia". Author Craig Robson. Publisher New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd. 2000. (504 pages)

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