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This covers Federal Government, State Governments, Local Councils and their By-laws.

Keepers of finches, parrots, quail, softbills and other birds in most or all Australian States or Territory must abide by the laws and by-laws of their State and Territory.  The aviary or cage construction must meet or exceed the minimum housing code, the food must be of good quality and adequate to meet all the nutritional and energy requirements of the bird/s.  If the birds are for breeding, the birds must be provided with suitable conditions and materials for their species specific requirements.  Appropriate hygiene must be undertaken to minimize the risk of infections and maintain the optimum health of the bird/s and the keeper/s.

Government Regulations & By-Laws:

Licence / Permit Requirement:  Keepers of Australian native birds should check with their State Authorities if a Licence or Permit is required to keep Australian native birds in their State.

Cage / Aviary Size:  Check with the State Government and  the Local Council to ascertain whether there are Laws or By-Laws governing size and location of aviary construction/s on the property.  Consideration should be given concerning noises of the bird/s in relation to dwellings and neighbours.

The Victorian Code Of Practice For Wildlife outlines the minimum cage sizes permitted to house birds in Victoria and this would be a good guide for people in other states to read if their State does not have similar guide lines.

Western Australia: Western Australia has Legislation regarding the Importation and Keeping of a wide variety of birds that are commonly found in aviaries in other States.  Many birds can cause severe damage to crops, or are likely to endanger the survival of native Western Australian species through competition for food and nesting sites.  Examples of legislation are,  Conservation And Land Management,  Wildlife Conservation Act,  and Agricultural and Related Resources Protection Act and Regulations.

Check with your local Aviculture club or society as well as established breeders to ascertain if any other restrictions apply to your area.


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